Zoe Rivet

Zoe Rivet

Zoe is a social media guru. In her role as a social media strategist, Zoe loves to construct strategies and tactics that help boost our clients’ integrated social campaigns. As a driven, collaborative and competitive person, Zoe is the perfect fit for us – she enjoys working with and learning from the fun, knowledgeable and creative group at Pipitone that brings a vast amount of experience to the table.

Recent Posts

The Transformative Power of Social Listening

In the digital age, where conversation is currency, the art of listening has never been more critical. At Pipitone, we firmly believe in the power of social listening to not only hear but truly understand what drives conversations and engagement across social media landscapes. This profound understanding enables us to elevate our clients' marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with their target audiences while staying ahead of industry trends. 

Zoe Rivet   |   April 29, 2024 at 3:09 PM