Energy Security: Striking the Right Balance

Lately, there's been a shift in the conversation around energy. Remember when we used to talk about a "changing climate"? It was all a bit vague, right? Now, we call it "climate change," hitting home the urgency of the situation. There's no denying it - climate change is real, and cutting emissions is crucial. But the solution is much more nuanced and complex than that. 

One of my clients nailed it when they said sustainable energy has to be for everyone, or it's just not going to cut it. It's a reminder of how tricky this puzzle really is. 

The False Choice 

Some think we have to pick between energy security and climate action – this is a myth, and it oversimplifies things big time. Just like Fatih Birol from the International Energy Agency says, that's not the way to go.

We've got to use the tech we have now to keep energy flowing while also getting serious about fighting climate change. Wind and solar are the heroes in our climate change fight, but they're not the only game in town. Natural gas and nuclear energy have a big role to play in giving us affordable, clean energy options.

The Four As

Energy security's got four key parts, otherwise known as the four As

  • Availability is about ensuring a consistent and adequate supply of energy is available to meet consumer demands at all times, thereby preventing shortages during peak usage.
  • Accessibility focuses on the physical reachability of energy, emphasizing the importance of an uninterrupted supply chain for efficient and reliable energy delivery. 
  • Acceptability concerns the quality, safety and environmental impact of energy sources, promoting the use of clean and renewable options. 
  • Affordability aims to make energy economically accessible to all consumers, addressing the issue of energy poverty.

Lucky for us in the U.S., we don't usually sweat it when we crank the thermostat. Our energy's pretty affordable, with support for those who need it. But we can't take it for granted. Just look at Europe - climate change and political tensions can mess with energy supplies. The Texas freeze-up in 2021? That was a wake-up call, too. Energy security's no sure thing, not even here. 

Solutions for Today (And Tomorrow)

As we tackle climate change, we've got to remember every energy choice we make matters. Just knowing there's a problem isn't enough - we've got to act. 

That means using today's tech - like natural gas and nuclear power - while also pushing for innovative new solutions like hydrogen blends that can use our existing pipelines. We need to better scale wind and solar to make a bigger impact. And it means making sustainable energy an option for everyone, and never losing sight of the fact we need a sustainable future - not just as a nice idea, but as a must-do. 

The road ahead is no cakewalk, but with dedication, innovation and a laser focus on our goals, we can create a world where energy security and climate action walk hand in hand.

Our Energy Expertise

In a transformative era for energy companies, Westinghouse Electric Company and Peoples both faced the significant challenge of altering public perception. Traditionally seen as a nuclear energy provider and a natural gas utility company, respectively, both entities sought to reposition themselves as forward-thinking, solutions-oriented companies committed to carbon-free and innovative energy solutions.  

We leveraged our integrated marketing expertise and strategic insight to spearhead innovative strategies that were both mission-forward, emphasizing the companies' commitments to carbon neutrality and innovative energy solutions, and product-forward, showcasing their technological advancements and digital-first solutions.

To learn more about how our ideas have generated results for energy companies, visit the Energy page of our website or contact us today. 

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Nancy Banasik

Written by Nancy Banasik

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