Building Websites: When Wix or Squarespace Doesn’t Cut It

Are you building a website? You might be tempted to use a template-based content management system (CMS) like Wix or Squarespace – but sometimes, those platforms just don’t cut it. Tools like Squarespace or Wix can make it easy to build a website on your own, but they can also result in a very cookie-cutter experience.

Here at Pipitone Group, we know that no two clients are exactly alike. When it comes to websites, you need an online experience that’s tailored to the specific needs of your unique business, with a customizable website format to boot. That’s where an integrated marketing agency (like ours) comes in.


Why Partner with an Agency?

Agencies are filled with specialists that are highly skilled at their craft. We can make your website customizable to your audiences and users, tailoring it to specific goals and optimizing it for set workflows and user experiences. Ultimately, we want to meet your target audiences where they are at any stage in the customer journey, gently nudging them to convert and buy/use your product or service. We know that the bigger your company, the more your website needs to do to reach a variety of audiences and satisfy multiple goals. It’s not as simple as checking one box.

An agency partner can help you accomplish your website goals because we look at things a little differently. We’ll ask you for information you may not necessarily have thought relevant to your website. We also have the benefit of our learnings from a large variety of projects, so we’ve learned what does and doesn’t work over time. Plus, we keep up with industry knowledge to ensure your website is accessible, searchable and provides a great user experience – following best practices for ADA compliance, web design and search engine optimization.

Our Process

We start by asking you about your goals and expected outcomes of the project. We’ll ask you about your audiences and the internal stakeholders your website needs to support. Then, we’ll create a user experience and user interface that helps your core audiences use the website to meet their needs.

We’ll review existing content and ask questions about what other assets you might haveto determine if we can repurpose and refresh your existing content, and we’ll identify gaps to determine what new content needs to be added.

Lastly, to ensure you can maintain your new site once it’s finished, we select a content management system (CMS) that’s best for you, based on your level of experience. Then, we train you to use the CMS tool so you can maintain your new, custom site on your own.

In the end, you have a one-of-a-kind site tailored to your specific needs, designed for your unique audiences, and focused on helping you achieve your particular goals that you can maintain just as easily as one built with Wix, Squarespace or another off the shelf CMS. Of course, we’ll always be here to help with any complicated updates or big changes that might pop up in the future.

Sound appealing? Contact us to learn more about our digital offerings and how you can partner with us.

Leah Moore

Written by Leah Moore

As Pipitone’s Director of Digital, Leah knows you can’t find the forest without looking for the trees. Her day-to-day goal is helping clients leave a digital footprint, and she is a master at developing strategic and measurable digital marketing plans and executing them using a wide array of tools and best practices. Leah is passionate about tracking how marketing performs and thinking about how iterative improvements can turn any client’s everyday marketing efforts into amazing lead generation and nurturing tools.