Building Strong BPM Partnerships: The Key to Advertising Excellence

At Pipitone, we thrive on the dynamic partnerships we forge with our clients. These collaborations empower us to propel their businesses forward. Fueled by our clients' in-depth product knowledge, innovation, and vision, we infuse strategic insights, creative prowess, and industry expertise. Together, we craft award-winning creative that delivers remarkable results!

Each year, the Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Awards become our litmus test showcasing the marketing prowess of building product manufacturers (BPM). This prestigious event celebrates the collaboration between marketing firms and clients. A panel of six architects, assembled by the publisher, judges the creativity and effectiveness of advertising in print and online mediums.

The consistent success of Pipitone's BPM clients in this awards program speaks volumes about the power of our collaboration. Since 2011, we have proudly secured an impressive 51 awards, surpassing our closest competitor by 20%.

This achievement solidifies our position as unrivaled industry leaders in BPM marketing. We continue to push boundaries and elevate brands to new heights!


Below are samples of some of this year's winning creative.


VacuMax Vacuum Insulating Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass
Digital Ad
Integrated Campaign Honorable Mention


Automatic, Universal Roll Towel Dispenser by Bobrick Washroom Equipment
Digital Ad
Integrated Campaign Honorable Mention


Solarban® Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass
Single-Page Print Ad Winner

VacuMax Vacuum Insulating Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass
Single-Page Print Ad Best In Class
Spread Ad Winner


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Arnie Begler

Written by Arnie Begler

Don't let him fool you. While Arnie's process might appear based on having “good conversations” and “thinking out loud,” his true prowess—his “Arnacity,” as it’s been called—is making sure client strategies are on target and getting things done effectively and efficiently for Pipitone's client base. Arnie's keen discernment for detail and processes stems from his 30-year+ career in the building products industry.