Introducing 'Pipitone GivesaHand'

At Pipitone, we have always believed in the power of collective action and the importance of giving back to the community that has given us so much. Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond our day-to-day work. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new corporate giving program, Pipitone GivesaHand. 

This initiative is an embodiment of our core values and a testament to our commitment to bring about positive change in our local community. And we're starting with a significant pledge—a minimum of $75,000 of pro-bono work in 2024 to the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh (HARP).

A Helping Hand to HARP 

HARP has been dedicated to rescuing, caring for and rehabilitating animals in our city for over a century. Its work involves operating adoption and veterinary centers for domestic animals, as well as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for native Pennsylvania wildlife.  

At Pipitone, we're totally on board with HARP's mission, and we're excited to collaborate with this great organization to grow its support programs, get the community involved in saving lives and helping to promote responsible pet ownership. Together, we're going to make a real difference in the North Side community. 

Strengthening Community Ties

Our commitment to the community doesn't just stop with HARP. We've got a lineup of volunteer events and outreach initiatives designed to support the North Side community, including annual events like "What the Muck" at Lake Elizabeth and a cleanup day at Riverview Park, both of which help support the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Pipitone GivesaHand: What the Muck   Pipitone GivesaHand: What the Muck

These events are more than just a commitment of our collective energy and resources; they're a showcase of our strong ties to the city and our dedication to positively impacting the local community.   

Join the Cause! 

Our work with HARP is just the beginning. We have more planned for the Pipitone GivesaHand program, and we're excited about the potential to create a wave of positive change. We invite you—our clients, partners, friends and fellow community members—to join us in this endeavor. 

Pipitone GivesaHand is more than an initiative; it's a movement. It's about harnessing our collective resources, creativity and dedication to bring about meaningful change in our community. Together, we can make a lasting impact. 

For updates on Pipitone GivesaHand and our community outreach events, check out our Culture page. To learn more about the organizations we’re supporting this year or to make a donation, visit:


Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy 

Scott Pipitone

Written by Scott Pipitone

Scott is highly regarded both locally and nationally for his creative ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. His eye for the smart implementation of creative design in collaboration with other marketing and communications strategies has grown Pipitone from a one-person shop located in the attic of his home to the worldwide corporate headquarters where 55+ people do great work every day.