InteGREAT Thinking Episode 4: The Future of Strategic Marketing Planning

InteGREAT Thinking is a podcast where we share our perspective on the latest marketing trends, best practices and tips to impact your business.

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Episode 4 Overview:

According to Forbes, “marketing strategy" is a loose term few fully understand. It’s not the same as marketing planning or a go-to-market strategy. The challenge most companies run into is being able to create marketing strategies that can be measured and align with their business goals.

Our latest episode discusses strategic planning as a foundational pillar in marketing and why leaders must approach their planning with a more analytical mindset. Hear this and more from:

  • Arnie Begler, Principal Chief Strategy Officer at Pipitone Group
  • Shari Holderman, Senior Account Supervisor at Pipitone Group
  • Morgan Sava, VP, Director of Corporate Marketing at Mission Critical Partners, LLC

How are you approaching your marketing strategy?

Pipitone News Team

Written by Pipitone News Team

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