InteGREAT Thinking Episode 2: How to Approach Advertising and Media Buying

InteGREAT Thinking is a podcast by Pipitone Group where we share our perspective on the latest marketing trends, best practices and tips to impact your business. Each episode we will bring you engaging interviews from our team and other industry thought leaders to give insight into how you can approach marketing communications to drive results.

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Last week’s episode kicked of a two-part discussion with a panel of digital marketing and advertising experts. In part one we discussed how to approach your digital marketing strategy. Our very own Leah Moore, Director of Digital at Pipitone Group and Bill Skelley, North East Account Director at Goodway Group led the conversation.

Leah and Bill broke down these topics:

  • Why digital advertising is a necessary component to your marketing strategy
  • Types of digital advertising available
  • How to drive your audience to take the action you want
  • KPIs and how to measure your advertising
  • How to get started with implementing a digital advertising strategy for your business

Stream the latest episode now and stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss digital advertising strategies as it relates to content and design development.

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