Essential Gratitude

The year 2020 is one for the history books. Among all of the new terminology created during the COVID-19 pandemic is the term ‘essential employee.’ Essential is defined as absolutely necessary, or extremely important. This holiday season, we are expressing ‘essential’ gratitude to team members at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network.

Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

Every team member at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network is a hero. When the country closed, and there was great fear about the unknown COVID-19 virus, these team members showed up. They showed up because the residents in their care are like family. As team members, they may not wear capes, but they are heroes who carry compassion, care and commitment in their hearts.

Holding a Hand or Hollering Bingo Numbers

Caring during a pandemic isn’t only about safely holding a hand to comfort a resident, it’s also making sure safe social engagement continues. Team members created countless activities for one-on-one engagement when residents were in quarantine. By far, the favorite among the residents was doorway bingo. From the doorway to their rooms, residents could see one another, hear the bingo caller and applaud for the next bingo winner.

Persisting with Passion

COVID-19 is novel, which means it was not previously known. Dealing with a new virus means that protocols, policies and procedures change regularly – sometimes more than once a week. Through it all, team members have had to do more and learn more but they persist with passion to adapt to the changes and provide the best care possible to keep residents safe.

Please join with us in expressing essential gratitude to the team members at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network who are everyday heroes. If you’d like to show your support for their amazing work, visit their website.

Scott Pipitone

Written by Scott Pipitone

Scott is highly regarded both locally and nationally for his creative ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. His eye for the smart implementation of creative design in collaboration with other marketing and communications strategies has grown Pipitone from a one-person shop located in the attic of his home to the worldwide corporate headquarters where 55+ people do great work every day.