Digital Transformation Webinar

The architecture, design and construction industries are undergoing massive transformations driven by a wide range of digital technologies and solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI).

So, what does this mean for building product manufacturers?

We recently hosted a webinar to discuss how these digital trends and technologies are driving change throughout the value chain. During the event, we took a deep dive into digital transformation in design and construction —featuring Steve Jones, senior director of industry insights research at Dodge Construction Network. Key topics included the impact of technology in design and construction, and the influence of social media on product selection (as shown in the chart below).

Digital Ai Event

Pipitone’s in-house building products experts — Arnie Begler and Kim Tarquinio — also discussed the pros and cons of AI as it relates to marketing strategies and tactics in the building products category and beyond.

If you missed the webinar, be sure to check out the recording or view the presentation at the link below, then connect with us to learn more.


Arnie Begler and Kim Tarquinio

Written by Arnie Begler and Kim Tarquinio

For more than 20 years, Arnie Begler, Principal, Chief Strategy Officer, and Kim Tarquinio, Vice President, Account Services & Strategic Communications, have worked with nearly a dozen building product clients while at Pipitone. Working together, they help clients craft and implement marketing plans to grow their businesses in a variety of ways.