InteGREAT Thinking Episode 3: How to Approach Content and Design in Digital Advertising

InteGREAT Thinking is a podcast where we share our perspective on the latest marketing trends, best practices and tips to impact your business. Each episode we will bring you engaging interviews from our team and other industry thought leaders to give insight into how you can approach marketing communications to drive results.

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Digital Discussions Part 2 Overview:

This next episode of InteGREAT Thinking continues a two-part discussion with a panel of digital marketing and advertising experts. In part one we discussed how to approach your digital marketing strategy - you can stream that here. The next part of the discussion features Hannah Grubow, Content Strategist at Pipitone Group and Michael McCauley, Senior Interactive Designer.

Hannah and Michael discussed content and design topics pertaining to digital advertising. A few of those topics included:

  • Content and design considerations with different advertising platforms
  • How to choose a design approach based on the ad buy
  • Overcoming the challenge of designing and writing for small ad spaces
  • Differentiating your message for B2B and B2C strategies

Stream the latest episode and stay tuned for our next episode of InteGREAT Thinking.

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