Converting Brand Equity at AIA’s “Smarter Together Series”

On June 8, I’ll be presenting virtually at the annual AIA Conference on Architecture’s “Smarter Together Series”. My presentation, “Converting Brand Equity into Sales Opportunity”, focuses on using integrated marketing to maintain share of voice, nurture relationships, measure as you go, and gain more conversions. But before I speak that day, I’d like to give you a little sneak peek into my insights.

In my 30-plus years of strategic planning in the architectural building products space, I’ve learned that the most successful campaigns have one common denominator: the client aligned its marketing strategies with its business goals. In other words, you should always be asking yourself the question, “How does our marketing support sales and other aspects of business?”

The place to start, as always, is with the development of an integrated marketing/communications plan.  We must “define victory” and set measurable goals. Examples may include increased revenue, brand and business building.Intellistep

Next, we need to familiarize ourselves with the “Value Chain” – this is an essential step in aligning our marketing strategies with our business goals. To accomplish victory, we need to understand all the touchpoints along the chain, their relevant messages and what metrics we expect in relationship to each audience.Value Chain

Once we’ve established our plan, audiences, strategies and tactics, victory is well within reach by choosing the most integrated and effective marketing methods to reach each audience.Marketing Plan

Then, once we have chosen the most appropriate approach for each audience, we have the ability to track, quantify, qualify and redirect marketing dollars to the tactics that are performing best.Funnel

The value of your brand is changing due to disruptions in the market. An integrated strategic marketing plan is more important now than ever. I look forward to explaining more about this topic on June 8 at the AIA’s Smarter Together Series.


Arnie Begler, Pipitone Group

Written by Arnie Begler, Pipitone Group

Arnie’s role at Pipitone is one of strategy, counsel and execution. Arnie’s keen discernment for detail and processes stems from his decades-long career in the industry. As the primary facilitator of the IntelliStep™ Planning Process, Arnie has served many clients, including Kingspan, Sloan, Vitro Architectural Glass, Birdair, LaFargeHolcim and Construction Specialties, just to name a few.