Brewing Up Success for Community Charity

Here at Pipitone, we believe that roots matter. The North Side of Pittsburgh is not just our business location; it's home. For 30 memorable years, we've grown and flourished here, nurtured by the vibrant community spirit that's as smooth and refreshing as a chilled pint of the finest ale.  

In celebration of our pearl jubilee, we've brewed up a special surprise for our community - a unique blend of corporate social responsibility and the rich tradition of brewing. Introducing the Riverview Pale Ale (RPA), a unique charity beer venture in partnership with Penn Brewery, the Northside Chamber of Commerce, and other local institutions. A tribute to the community spirit that is at the very heart of the North Side, RPA unveils an exciting opportunity to bond over a round of refreshing beers for a good cause.  

Our goal? To raise $10,000 for improvement projects in Riverview Park, the verdant jewel in the North Side's crown, and a cherished green space loved by many. More than just a fundraising effort, this charity beer initiative is a testament to how homegrown businesses and community members can rally together for a shared cause. It's about nurturing the places we love, one pint at a time.  

We've poured more than just resources into creating RPA. The unique branding, inspired by an old map of Riverview Park, symbolizes the diverse park users, from hikers and bikers to walkers and dog owners. The logo's dramatic contours pay tribute to the famed Observatory landmark, emulating a stylized view of its rolling hills in the very shape of a hop - the main ingredient in our brew.  

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Crafted by Penn Brewery, RPA reflects the unique character of our neighborhood. This easy-drinking pale ale features notes of stone fruit, tropical fruit, melon, and a hint of lemon peel. A golden haze reminiscent of a summer sunset adds to the beer's appeal and perfectly captures the essence of the North Side. 

The money raised from the sales of RPA will go directly to the Friends of Riverview Park, a dedicated volunteer group that tirelessly works to keep our park thriving. More than 12 North Side locations, including local favorites like Mike’s Beer Bar, Biers Pub, and Max’s Allegheny Tavern, have graciously agreed to stock the Riverview Pale Ale and contribute up to 30% of the RPA sales to the park.  

Local coverage of the charity beer has been fantastic, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility and the power of local collaborations for change. To get a closer look at the coverage, check out the couple links below:

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As we toast our 30th anniversary, we raise our glasses to the North Side community and the indelible bonds we've formed here over the years. Because at Pipitone, we understand that making a difference is as much about unity as it is about brewing the perfect beer.  

Scott Pipitone

Written by Scott Pipitone

Scott is highly regarded both locally and nationally for his creative ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. His eye for the smart implementation of creative design in collaboration with other marketing and communications strategies has grown Pipitone from a one-person shop located in the attic of his home to the worldwide corporate headquarters where 55+ people do great work every day.