Demand Generation through Marketing Automation

demand_generationWe work in an era where marketing is increasingly accountable, not just for outputs — brochures, websites, advertising, trade show booths and direct mailers — or even outgrowths — website visitors, followers and likes — but for outcomes. Results with a Return on Marketing Investment -  ROMI. 

Demand More From Your Marketing

To be successful in this environment, business-to-business marketers require a greater degree of predictability from the sales funnel. If not, we’re doomed to go “down the rabbit hole” of uncertainty. Speaking of uncertainty, consider the great sales maxim: No two leads are created equal. The challenge is to decide which lead is ready to buy, or is at least more ready than the other.  Demand generation via marketing automation is about selling when the prospect is ready to buy versus when you’re ready to sell. It enables the sales team to spend their time on the lead who’s ready to buy now while a strategic seed, feed and weed program is carried out — automatically — on the rest of the leads.

There are seven essential elements of Demand Generation:

1. Alignment of Sales and Marketing

2. Development of Personas

3. Understanding Buying Cycles

4. Nurturing Paths and Lead Scoring

5. Content (Re)Creation

6. Marketing Automation

In order to better serve our clients, we continue to enhance our demand generation practice area and integrate that service into their marketing mix.  To make sure we were on track, we recently took a step to better understand our market’s needs. While there was a tremendous amount of published research to build from, we thought it best to conduct our proprietary qualitative study, "The State of Marketing and Sales Alignment" to assess our customers and prospects.

We used the results from this study to then create our e-paper, Demand More From Your Marketing.   This paper is designed to help you maximize your company’s return on marketing investment (ROMI) to accelerate long buy cycles and to deliver value tied directly to your company’s business goals and objectives.

We hope you enjoy!


Arnie Begler

Written by Arnie Begler

Don't let him fool you. While Arnie's process might appear based on having “good conversations” and “thinking out loud,” his true prowess—his “Arnacity,” as it’s been called—is making sure client strategies are on target and getting things done effectively and efficiently for Pipitone's client base. Arnie's keen discernment for detail and processes stems from his 30-year+ career in the building products industry.