22 Reasons to Choose Pipitone Group

Happy Twosday (2/22/22)! Here's 22 reasons to choose Pipitone Group as your agency partner.

  1. We’re pretty GREAT (inteGREATed, that is)  
  2. We’ve been in the business for 30 years! 
  3. We create award-winning, inspired work 
  4. Our creative department is filled with talented and experienced graphic artists  
  5. Our strategic communications department has grown nearly 3x its original size in the past two years! 
  6. Our digital department does real-life wizardry – no wands required 
  7. It’s smooth sailing with our account services department; they manage projects with the skill of cruise directors 
  8. Our operations/admin department keeps our agency in tip-top shape 
  9. Our human resources specialist is a pretty great resource herself CBO Silly
  10. Our executive team can golf with the best of ‘em – both inside and outside the office 
  11. Our office in Observatory Hill is out of this world 
  12. Our Chief Barketing Officer is the most charismatic agency dog you’ll ever meet 
  13. We love volunteering and giving back to the community 
  14. We're experts in DISC personality profiles - if you're a D, it won't scare us! 
  15. Whether we’re remote or in the office, we’re always down to collaborate with our colleagues 
  16. Build a better marketing campaign with us. We’ve got 20+ years of experience helping building product manufacturers with marketing strategy and creative campaigns 
  17. Many of our designers are artists outside the office 
  18. Our influencer relations expert is the mom to an influencer herself! 
  19. Our Chief Strategy Officer makes some pretty strategic dad jokes 
  20. Our aquarium (complete with an Office Dory) is Zen-sational! 
  21. What’s your zodiac sign? We have a lot of Virgos (organized and creative folks) at our agency
  22. We’re big fans of parties with a theme – from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween, we won’t pass up the opportunity to dress up
Pipitone News Team

Written by Pipitone News Team

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